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"Don’t forget you deserve everything you ever wanted, but never stop working for it. In your work will lie incredible opportunities, life experiences, and dreams you only thought was true in your wildest fantasies."

Hayley is a true believer of positive energies and hard work. Since her birth, she has never and will never stop trying to achieve her dreams. She knew stardom wasn't for the faint of heart, but for the people willing to hustle everyday until you wake up and have everything you wanted. 


Hayley's passions lie in harnessing her creativity in every aspect of life and in teaching the world unconditional love. Whether it is modelling, singing, writing, or painting, there is always a way to express herself. She has made a name for herself solely through her uniqueness, positivity, bright personality, and never ending goals to rule the world. If you haven't seen her around yet, be prepared. 



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